Divorce, Custody and Porn Addiction

In a recent review of questions posed on Yahoo Answers, there was a noticeable trend in people showing more concern about the existence of Internet pornography.

One woman described a situation that seems to becoming more common. She is separated from her husband and is pregnant with their second child. She has proof that he spends time online looking at pornography and meeting other women for online sex.. She also discovered that he has opened accounts on dating sites and adult websites. Further investigation revealed pornographic images sent by email and she is sure he suffers from an addiction to porn.

In this particular case, the woman was seeking advice about how to use what she had found on his computer as evidence in court to deny her husband custody of their children. She wants full custody because based on what she has discovered, she is concerned that her children will not be safe with him alone.

Pornography and porn addiction is playing an increasingly more significant role in divorce. Couples fight over whether porn is cheating, women feel insulted by their husbands refusing to give up a porn habit. It is a sensitive and difficult issue. But what place can porn addiction play in the actual divorce and in a custody battle? If a woman can prove that her husband looks at pornography or has an addiction to sex sites, can she use that as an argument for getting full custody and even forbidding the father’s visitations?

Serial rapist and murderer Ted Bundy attributed his violence to a porn habit. That was before the Internet. Questioning whether someone addicted to pornography should be allowed to be alone with his children is a legitimate one. It is a dilemma that many parents seem to be facing unfortunately. Should you prevent a loving father from seeing his children because he has a porn habit? Are children in danger when a parent is obsessed with viewing pornography? Demonstrating proof to the court that a parent has a porn problem can lead the court to order limited visitation rights or supervised visitation.

And will the court leave room for a recovered porn addict to regain visitation rights with his children? It is important to realize that a porn addict is not in control and may truly want to recover, while also recognizing that the addiction can have a dangerous effect on his behavior. Recovery is possible and the court should acknowledge and consider the possibility. At the end of the day, it is the best interest of the children that should be taken into consideration in any custody battle and decision.

For advice on how to proceed in a divorce or custody battle when one parent may have a pornography dependency, it is best to consult with an attorney.

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Do You Have a Porn Addiction?

For some men this might be a confronting question, but for someone who knows they have a porn addiction, it is possibly one of the most confronting questions they could encounter. Once we have explored more about porn addictions the reasons for this may become clearer.

So, do you have an addiction to porn?

Firstly, let’s understand what we are talking about. The term ‘porn’ itself probably doesn’t need much clarification. However, the term ‘addiction’ is something that is often used very freely in our society to define a broad range of behaviours.

There are an infinite number of different ways that addiction has been defined, but one of the most generic and simplest is Wikipedia’s definition of it as “a continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it”.

From this definition it is clear that the term ‘addiction’ could be applied to any number of different challenges. Alcohol and drug addictions are commonly understood issues in our society. Other addictions that counsellors might regularly encounter include sex addictions, gaming addictions, TV addictions, etc. There is a debate within the helping professional about whether porn addictions actually exist, and whether they should be classed in the same was as other ‘addictions’.

So while someone may be addicted to something like porn or gaming, it does not suggest that the behaviour or the activity itself is problematic or an ‘issue’. Issues and problems relating to addiction generally only apply when the behaviour is ongoing and continues, despite impacting negatively on other areas of one’s life or the life of those around you.

Porn itself often carries a negative stigma. This may originate from a family or religious value system. As a result, some people may find that they have a number of responses or reactions to their behaviour, either during or after having viewed pornography. For someone who has been raised with values that suggests porn is ‘wrong’, there can be a sense of guilt or shame. Other elements of self-judgement can arise too, such as thinking that one may be a ‘bad person’ or ‘feeling worthy-less’ or worthless. For many men accessing porn may be something that they do in secret, either a secret that they keep alone, or possibly one that is shared with a close friend or partner.

So what is the difference between simply watching porn and being addicted to porn?

Perhaps you can ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you access porn on a regular basis? Perhaps more than once per week?

2. Do you notice any anxiety within yourself if you aren’t able to access porn as often as you’d like?

3. Are parts of your life being negatively impacted because you are accessing porn?

4. Are any of the relationships in your life being affected?

5. Do you often intend to do some other activity and then somehow find yourself accessing porn instead?

6. Are you regularly getting less sleep than you should because of porn?

7. When you access porn do you often find yourself spending far more time than you had intended?

8. Have you increased your broadband plan to accommodate your porn needs?

9. Do you often tell yourself you’re going to stop or you’re going to limit the amount of porn you access, but then it doesn’t actually happen?

I’m not going to tell you that because you’ve answered these questions with a ‘yes’ that you definitely have a porn addiction. To do so would simply add to the ‘judgements’ that you’ve possibly already heaped on yourself. However, if some of these questions do apply to you, then perhaps there is something there for you to explore.

Often someone with an addiction will focus all of their efforts on trying to stop the addiction. They will set themselves goals, such as “I’m not going to do it for 7 days”. Sometimes there is even a reward at the end: “if I abstain for 2 weeks I’ll reward myself with a…”. They will often question why they do it, and what it’s caused by. The addiction, and stopping it, can be something that begins to consume their life and their thoughts, and can have a significant impact on how they feel.

From my experience in working with clients, persistent behaviours such as porn addictions, often suggest an absence of something else in their life. While it is important not to completely ignore the addictive behaviour, often the journey towards a better balance in life is through actually focussing on other aspects of one’s life, such as relationships, family of origin issues, and other feelings deep within that are desperate to be explored and heard.

Addictive behaviours are sometimes a way for men to cover up, or hide away, something else in their lives that they don’t feel they are ready to deal with. For some men, they may not be aware of what these other issues are, or even that they exist.

Porn addictions can occur in cycles. There can be a time where one accesses porn very often, almost not being able to stop. And, then there are other times when the feeling is not as strong, or life is interesting and busy enough that one doesn’t even think of porn, or perhaps because there isn’t an opportunity. Because of the cycle of addition men may sometimes commit to seeking help for their addiction, but then when they are feeling less addicted, or less attracted to the porn, they tell themselves they are on the right track and don’t follow through. And then the cycle begins again.

My professional experience and training suggests to me that it is extremely hard for someone to find a ‘solution’ to their addiction, or to let go of their addiction, on their own. Most often it is necessary to engage some help. Because of the nature of porn addictions it can be really hard for many men to seek help from those close to them. They may not want anyone else to know.

By seeking help from a professional who has the experience to help you and is also bound by a confidentiality framework, it is possible to find a way forward in a safe and supportive way. It is important to realise that the journey to healing addictions has many ‘ups and downs’. Having a professional who is able to expertly guide you and remain a constant for you during this journey, is invaluable.

So, whether you have a porn addiction or not, if you feel that porn is an issue in your life, try to seek some support and help from a qualified professional.

It’s good to talk.


While I don’t want to suggest that porn is either good or bad, the porn industry does have a reputation (which may or may not be valid) of sometimes exploiting individuals. A concern that is often expressed about porn is that it treats men and women as objects. By accessing porn in which anyone has been exploited we can become de facto supporters of that exploitation ourselves. However, for the purposes of this article, I am assuming that we are referring to porn where all the participants are informed consenting adults.

Disclaimer: This article is meant to provide men with general information about porn and porn addictions. This article should not be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan or course of action. Before making any decisions about your health, you should consult a qualified health professional such as a counsellor, therapist or doctor.

How Porn Can Negatively Affect Your Relationship

It is fine if you are thinking about spicing up your relationship to add a little fun to it that you can find when you watch porn. However, there are times that too much porn can start to affect your sex life and make it unsatisfying for both you and your partner. If you are watching so much porn that your relationships are suffering then you already know that you need to stop watching so much. It doesn’t help if you have a partner that either doesn’t agree with porn watching or only likes it once in a while. Again, porn is not the problem, but if you are watching it so much that you are not being fair to your partners then it can be a problem.

Watching too much porn can put a wedge between you and your partner by creating distance that shouldn’t be there. The distance is caused by the fact that they may think that you are untrustworthy if you are constantly being aroused by women on screen or online. They start to feel that they are not beautiful enough for you or that they do not satisfy you.

Porn can be a great way to introduce variety and spice to any sex life, but if one person in the relationship has expressed the sadness in you watching it too much, it is time to put an end to it. Instead of just having porn to spice up your sex life, you need to add other products to the mix so that you can create a new excitement for both you and your partner. There are plenty of other toys and oils that you can use to create a sensual environment that you both enjoy.

You could start to role play or create fantasy life. You could even role play that you are a porn star so you still feel involved in the porn industry. You could try sensual oils which help to increase your erections while at the same time, making things very lubricated and wet. There is even an orgasm inducing cream that you can use on her. When she starts to have these amazing orgasms she’ll be so thrilled that it will be hard for her to still be mad at you.

The moral of this is that instead of just relying on one form of adult entertainment, you have to explore other aspects. There are plenty of things that you can add to your sexual relationships that will have everyone happy and satisfied.

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Top 20 Symptoms – You Are a Porn Slave

It is quite logical to say that all individuals who make use of the internet all the time get exposure to the web porn unfailingly. The online porn business is blasting and there are incalculable locales delineating the whole scope of explicit acts, from voyeurism to subjugation to recreated assault. For a large number of individuals, online erotica has turned into an unavoidable dependence.

In the event that a man is dependent on erotica, there can be appearances of this habit which can influence his or her daily life in many negative ways.

Porn enslavement symptoms may include the following:

Childish, unpredictable and unapproachable conduct
Withdrawal from social contacts and connections
Sentiments of misery, extremely low energy levels and deficiency
Unreasonable masturbation counting to around 10 to 15 times a day
Relationship issues with the spouse
Sexual brokenness due to excessive porn contemplations
To be in fancy imagination of women genitals
Unexplainable restlessness until the white thick liquid is released
To see a porn star in each and every woman around
To be inclined to have a masturbation session even in office bathroom, school bathroom, and in train, bus or aeroplane
To be lost in inventing the newer ways to release the manly liquid to get relaxed
To be in the thoughts of how a lady or a girl living in the neighbourhood will look like when naked
The emergence of different psychological problems
Feeling of continuous restlessness until a porn movie is watched before sleeping
Thought of buying some plastic dolls and other artificial items to derive sexual pleasure
Feeling unexplainable frustration each and every moment
Willingness to have masturbation even in the public places at the sight of all types of women
To see each and every lady or girl with controllable lust
To be fully concentrated only on the butts and breasts of the women
To keep thinking about how different women show different expression during the orgasmic event.
Numerous individuals who are dependent on porn get themselves engrossed with the explicit entertainment for the duration of the day, tallying during the time until they have an opportunity to get their next fix. Habitually, porn fixation indications will incorporate intemperate masturbation, which can inevitably prompt more profound physical and emotional issues. Of all porn compulsion side effects, unnecessary masturbation can have the absolute most critical outcomes as it can create sexual distance among the couples.

On the whole, porn addiction can be an extremely damaging behavioural attribute and a difficult issue as well. The individuals with porn addiction side effects can get help by going to the guides or advisors who work in the domain of sexual enslavement.

Four PC Muscle Exercise Secrets That Will Give You Porn Star Endurance Faster Than You Thought

The sexual benefits of a strong pubococcygeal muscle are varied. If you want better orgasms, shoot further, have complete control over your erection, eradicate premature ejaculation and have better urinary health, these can all be achieved with PC muscle exercises. If you want to know where your PC muscle is, if you try to stop the flow of urine mid pee, you are using your PC muscle. When you want to exercise the pubococcygeal muscle make sure all the other muscles surrounding it are relaxed such as thighs, abdominals and buttocks.

Session 1 Clench and release quickly ten times. Repeat twice more with a ten second rest in between. This time you should clench and release for five seconds. Ten sets of these with a five second rest. Now clench the pubococcygeal muscle for thirty seconds, repeat twice more with a thirty second rest between each one. Do these daily for a week.

Session 2 Three sets of clenching then releasing the PC muscle ten times. Three sets of clenching then releasing the PC muscle in first long then short bursts while counting to ten. Ten sets of clenching and holding the PC muscle for five seconds. One set of clenching and holding your PC muscle, ideally for two minutes. Do these daily for a week. Remember start slowly and build up. You can progress faster if you feel up to it.

Session 3 Thirty sets of clenching and releasing the pubococcygeal muscle repeatedly building up to a hundred or more. Making sure you are only clenching the pubococcygeal muscle squeeze as hard as you can for twenty seconds. Do five sets with thirty second breaks in between.

Session 4 Start with clenching and releasing the PC muscle for two minutes daily. Build it up to twenty minutes three times daily. Aim to do two hundred reps every session.

You can do these exercises any where and nobody need ever know. Just don’t be too eager, take things slowly, listen to your body.

Will putting in all this effort be worth your while? Well it depends on if you think having control over your own body is worth the effort. It all depends on your situation. How motivated you are. How much your sex life is affecting your relationship.

These exercises can be done with minimal intervention in your life. Nobody knows you are doing them, and could have a dramatic effect on your enjoyment of your life and your partners enjoyment of life.

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